The Vet Marketing Group Pawtner Program provides an avenue to help pet owners pay their annual vet bills. By acting as a salesperson for VMG, our Pawtners introduce VMG solutions and services to an established, existing veterinary relationship.. ie your chosen local vet. In return, Pawtners will earn 10% of billings for the first year of the veterinary practice they sign up, and 5% for the next 3 years.

VMG Pawtner Members will introduce Vet Marketing Group services, content, and brand to their vets of choice, and activate VMG marketing plans. Equipped with a vast understanding of our brand, products and services, VMG Pawtners supplement income, and the cost of owning a pet by introducing their favorite veterinary practice to the Vet Marketing Group.

As a collection of animal loving brand ambassadors around the US, the VMG Pawtner Program is a unique opportunity for pet owning neighbors in every community to help offset the costs of owning a pet.

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