Promoting your veterinary practice in todays always on social world is an ongoing process. Finding new customers and connecting with current clients is essential for a vet practice to grow. Social is a great avenue towards achieving those goals. Although quick fixes might seem like a good short term solution to promote your vet business, marketing gimmicks might not yield the results you need, according to an article on DVM360.

Instead of these quick fixes that might expose you to a larger market that’s completely wrong for your business, you should instead focus more on the goals you want to achieve ie: finding your existing, and future clients in the neighborhood of your vet practice. Creating social content that reminds your clients of checkups, specials, and informative posts shared via Facebook and Twitter are often a great route to take. From there, each platform allows for the targeting of your content to pet owning families in specific zip codes. This geo targeting ability enables your message to reach those that live in the neighborhood of your veterinary practice. Bingo.

The channels you already have at your disposal – your lobby or waiting room, client mailers and newsletters, can also be very effective if you decide to use them to relay your veterinary message. Quantity isn’t always quality, and every part of your business marketing plan should have a solid foundation and achievable goals.

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