Facebook can help your vet practice grow when it comes to marketing and spreading the word about your veterinary services. You need to know how to do it right to get the most out of it. These useful tips for vets have been summarized in an article on MarketingZone.
You will need a strategy towards producing and distributing valuable pet related content to post each week, and it would be very helpful to assign a person to be the head of your Facebook team that works on location. A mixture of pictures from day to day operations, to staff announcements, to unexpected memorable moments are always good to share socially. Also, don’t forget to respond to any comments on your post, and add links to other relevant Facebook pages in your field.

Facebook offers scheduled posts, Boosting posts, and Sponsored Stories on their platform as a great way to reach an additional targeted audience. Your practice relies on those in your neighborhood, and Facebook will let you target your ads to the pet owning neighbors in the community of your veterinary practice.

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